Mobile and iPhone Development

With over a billion handsets sold every year, businesses must embrace the mobile platform in order to stay ahead of the competition. Meet the needs of your users wherever they are and better engage them through the provision of additional services and information. 

Mobile Development

Mobile experts

Our extensive research and development into the mobile market enables us to deliver advanced mobile services to clients in the UK and abroad

Our knowledge and expertise in this field means you can confidently move your web presence forward whilst ensuring the best return on investment. We are registered iPhone app developer as well as Android. Our enthusiasm and interest in mobile technology pushes us to create high-quality, inspired solutions for all our clients.

Why mobile?

Smartphone sales have recently overtaken those of PCs for the first time, and over the Christmas 2010 period 32% of shoppers accessed e-commerce sites via mobile devices. Figures such as these are fuelling predictions that the mobile web will be bigger than desktop internet by 2015 and it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are focusing on the mobile platform. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by investing in mobile today.


Mobile has many specific considerations, and the needs of your users are also likely to be unique to the platform. The possibilities offered by this channel mean that there may also be new opportunities for your business. We will look to answer all these questions in order to produce a mobile communication strategy that ensures the development process is smooth, and the final product meets all your business needs and the expectations of your users.

Reach users wherever they are

We can open your services up to the growing mobile market with a site designed specifically for the platform and associated needs of the user, which can directly impact your business goals. The impact of a platform-specific site can be seen in the increasing number of mobile ecommerce sites – 32% of users have been found to access retailers’ mobile sites to check prices, get product information or comparisons and read user reviews, making this a key platform to support the conversion journey.

We can also analyse your current website and redevelop key areas to take account of mobile’s unique capabilities and features. Your existing content can be used to create a relevant, accessible, successful mobile site. This is a highly cost-efficient way to reach the increasing number of users that access sites through mobile devices. 

Features and applications

The explosion of mobile apps in recent years has provided businesses with new potential for engagement, with the growth of the tablet platform more and more companies are taking advantage of this communication channel. With the number of UK smartphone users estimated at over 11 million and a worldwide market worth £3.7 billion, apps are a great way to increase user loyalty and grow your customer base.

We can also create user-focused features that integrate mobile devices with your website, enhancing your brand’s visibility and message consistency. By increasing your online reach in this way you can access a wider, more engaged audience.