Good design matters - your product design makes an instant and powerful impression on your users, and can influence their decision to complete your desired processes or not.

Design Services

First impressions count 

The design of your website is the initial and primary interface between you and your audience. Users can make decisions about a site in just 1/20th of a second. It’s therefore crucial that the design of your website, application or mobile service makes a good impression on your visitors, to make them want to spend time with you, convey an air of authority and trust, and effectively communicate your brand.

Functional, effective design

When you work with Zedplane you can be sure that your finished product isn’t just a beautiful image, but that it fulfils every user expectation and technical need. The web isn’t a flat medium, so your design shouldn’t be either. We’ll consider how your web design can encourage users to interact and share, and incorporate innovative services and personalisation features. This helps your company stand out from the crowd online, attracting more users and increasing your reach.

Consider the user

Our web design process begins with our User Experience (UX) specialists. They work closely with your company to articulate your project’s objectives and define how they can be achieved. Development teams can lose sight of the audience they’re developing for, but at Zedplane we consider the user at every stage, and this can have a huge impact on your success metrics.

More than skin deep

We understand there’s much more to successful design than creating a pretty surface, and our intelligent approach ensures that every aspect of your site or app adheres to good design principles. We consider aspects such as colour theory, contrast, typography and rhythm to inform our design practices. You can be confident that Zedplane will deliver designs that make a real impact on the behaviour of your users, increasing your ability to meet your business goals, whether this is increased conversions, user data, interaction or online reach.

Standards and compliance

We also understand the importance of standards and compliance; no matter how nice it looks, you still need to ensure your site gets the necessary approval. We’ve consulted on international web standards, produced accessibility-award winning sites, and achieved top rankings for SEO-targeted search terms. We can help you attract more visitors to your site, increasing your visibility; this can dramatically improve your ability to meet your online targets.